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The company Narmin is an exclusive distributor of Brady corporation - the leader of producing marking equipment and identify determination in all fields of industry in Baku and all over the Azerbaijan. The company is specialized in following directions:
  • Impact- punctuated marking over the metal SIC Marking (France). Cable ferrules and instrument for its pressing, cutting of cable (manual, hydraulic, electro hydraulic).
  • Instruments for taking off isolation and cutting of wire and cable Weicon (Germany)
  • Instruments for perforation aperture in sheet metal, flexible tire, cabining. Production Greenlee, Germany
  • Thermocontracting tube and produce DSG-Canusa, Germany.
  • Self-adhesive membranous etiquettes and cable marking- leader of industrial marking of American company W.H.Brady (USA).
  • Laser engraving and color modification on displaced self-adhesive polymeric pellicles tesa concern of Beiersdorf AG (Germany);
  • Laser equipment, T-Print (Russia) and CAB (Germany) for engraving along tesa pellicles.
  • Impact mechanical marking along metal and plastic of company SIC marking (France).
Official web site of company: www.bradycorp.de, www.brady.ru

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