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Narmin company is trading partner of the German company WIKA.

We realize control measuring instrument, separator of facilities, electro contact manometers, manometer and bio metallic thermometers, manometer with high pressure, transformer of pressure and temperature of industrial thermometers, equipment for oil, gas, chemical and food industry in market.


Manometers for measuring superfluous, complete and differential pressure. Manometers can be provided with electro contacts, equipment for passing pressure and together with sensors Xolla standard outlet electro signal. It is possible, manometer supply with hydro infill body, decreasing the vibration influence and ripple to index and step up period of service.


At the same time Wika can present wide diapason service of instruments which is necessary in settings of calibrators, montage and dismantling resources for measuring pressure and temperature. Calibrator software support Easy Cal 32 and calibrator software support Thermo Cal are also included to service list of the company.

Mechanical resources of measuring temperature

Temperature- means thermo condition of homogenate substance, i.e. the size of middle kinetic energy its molecule. Close temperature contact is necessary between two bodies in order they receive same temperature (smoothing of temperature). Measuring body should be in closest contact with thermometers. Popular methods for measuring temperature are based on properties substances and bodies, changing depending on temperature. We prepare thermometers functioning on the base of following principles: Bio metallic thermometers, manometer thermometers.

Electronic device for measuring temperature.

Wika presents full diapason of electronic properties of measuring and control of temperature: We offer thermocouples, resistance sensors, analogous and digital control of reformers, indicators, regulator and calibrators.


Thermocouple presents temperature sensor, with starting immediately leaving out the signal of pressure, in proportional temperature. Even so not required extra feed source, since output pressure spring up consequences of thermoelectric property of metals. Depending on temperature offers different kind of thermocouples. The company Wika produces thermocouples, with direct cable leading, as clamp protect bulb.

Official web site of company: www.wika.de

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